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Selasa, 9 Julai 2013

TRC - Questions On Characters (An Interesting Relationship)

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The following novels are studied in the Literature component in English Lauguage:

The Railway Children - Edith Nesbit

Based on one of the novel above :-
1) write about an interesting relationship in the story.

     Based on the novel of The Railway Children,the interesting relationship that I can find is a mother and children.The story is about children that survive their life without their father.The mother has to take over the responsibilities to support the children.The children Bobbie,Peter and Phyllis are very independence were they never burden their mother.

     The relationship between the mother and the children occured went the mother always spend her time  with her children by playing and reading with them.This can be find in chapter 1 page 1 of the novel.

     Other things that showed the relationship between the mother and the children is when the children never asked about where their father is.This is because they do not want to make the mother sad.Because of that,they always stand by the railway line to wait for the 9.15 am train.They believe that the train willsend their love to the father.This can be find in chapter 3 page 15 and chapter 7 page 39.

     This special relationship make the story become interesting. 

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