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Selasa, 16 Julai 2013

TRC - Questions On Characters (An Interesting Character)

ni mungkin entri terakhir Aida sebelum Trial PMR 22.7.2013 ni....
dan ni juga post yang ke2 tentang TRC...
InsyaAllah kalau ada apa2 penambahan Aida akan kongsikan lagi....

The following novels are studied in the Literature component in English Lauguage:

The Railway Children - Edith Nesbit

Based on one of the novel above :-
1) write about an interesting relationship in the story.
2) write about an interesting character in the story.

     Based on the novel of The Railway Children,the interesting character is Bobbie / the interesting character that I chose is Bobbie.

     In this novel, Bobbie is the eldest child in a family.She had just celebrated her twelveth birthday.

     Bobbie is caring and loving sister to her siblings.This can be proved in chapter 2 where she took the responsibility on Peter's wrongdoing of stealing the coal from the railway station.Unfortunately Peter has been caught by the station master.In the incident,Bobbie is helping Peter to mend his broken toy steam engine without his knowledge.

     Bobbie is also a brave child.She saved the 11.29am train from crash because of the landslide.She stand on the railway line by herself waving two red flags (from patticoats) just to stop the train.She sacrificed herself to save the passengers' life.As the reward,she got the gold watch for the railway compony.

     From the point given above,I can say that Bobbie is a wonderful person.That is why I chose her as an interesting character.

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